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Retail & Wholesale

Mid American buys gas from over fifty producers in the Appalachia area, which we sell to consumers in the commercial, industrial, institutional, and power generation segments.

Electricity Marketing

Retail Electricity

Mid American has been a pioneer in the expanding electricity sector in our area since Pennsylvania deregulated in 1995. Bolstering our reputation as an economical and reliable source of energy, we ventured into the electricity market early, and obtained the area´s first Power Market License by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Today, Mid American brokers electricity to a host of customers, many of whom want to buy both gas and electricity from us. This business segment is growing rapidly, and Mid American is following its tradition of evolving with the needs of the customers. Our competitive advantages include deep knowledge of essential aspects of electricity production and marketing, strong technical skills, as well as a proactive and personal approach to clients.

Energy Management

Drawing on decades of experience, we tailor fuel management solutions to producers according to their unique needs. Services include:

  • Fuel allocations
  • Balancing & scheduling gas
  • Managing larger end- users
  • Handling of contracts
  • Sharing market news
  • Analyzing markets

It is critical in our business to keep our producers and end-users aware of any physical challenges in the pipeline delivery systems.

Services to our end-users includes pooling, storage, balancing, monthly and daily nominations, local distribution company representation, and industry monitoring. We maintain active energy relationships with our customers. Mid American continuously watches national trends, local basis values, pipeline restrictions, weather, and market changes, so that the end user is enjoying the least expensive, most reliable gas available.

Financial Hedging

In-House Hedging

For customers and producers alike, we supply a range of hedging services, enabling MANR’s customers to secure gas when they need it, at a fixed price, to eliminate the risk of future price swings.

Similarly, we offer various hedging vehicles to our gas producers, giving them long term assurances that they are getting their product to market at a fair price.